Est. 1968
World/BMP Aluminum Block
World/BMP Aluminum Block
Why buy from anyone one else when you can buy from the Hall of Fame Legend himself, Lamar Walden.  This amazing piece of aluminum was designed and inspired by Lamar himself so we know the bones better than anyone else.  Don't lose precious .10ths buying from someone else; you know you want the LWA experience from our hand-built crates to first start and grin!

Lamar Walden Automotive announces the latest 409 W style engine from 409 to 609ci
  • Howards 4340 4” stroker steel crank
  • Manley 2.250/1.750 valves (Special lengths for respective application)
  • Howards 4340 6.385 H-beam steel rods
  • Valve springs for solid or hydraulic roller cam
  • Clevitte H-series bearings
  • ARP Head studs
  • Custom LWA piston (any compression ratio available)
  • LWA exclusive pedestal rocker (1.75)
  • Total Seal Gapless rings
  • 3/8” .080 wall push rods by Trend
  • LWA Exclusive- Comp cam solid roller (billet core)
  • LWA Exclusive head gaskets
  • LWA hydraulic special roller cam (billet core)
  • LWA Exclusive 2x4 intake on Fuel Injection
  • Billet true roller timing set with Torrington bearings
  • Aluminum oil pan by Steff
  • Edelbrock Aluminum heads - CNC’d by LWA
  • Blueprinted oil pump and steel collar drive shaft
  • LWA Exclusive aluminum front cover
  • LWA Exclusive MSD blueprinted distributor
  • Demon Carbs (625cfm, 750cfm or Hiborn fuel injection)
  • Taylor 409 wires
  • LWA Exclusive valves covers
  • SFI 7” Harmonic Balancer
**Complete blueprinted engine with dyno tune and sheet **